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What are you all working on since classes ended?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cheapsh0t, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Genuinely curious to know how the ol' JP course helped you guys with your studies. Also keen to know what you are up to now..!

    @Cheap's big list of players
  2. Michael Cugley

    Michael Cugley New Member

    Found a Skype group (that is now just two people) to go through Genki I and II with, approximately a chapter a week. It's actually given me a structure and a schedule!

    Next week will be the final chapter! Eek!

    Keeping on with my Anki flashcards in the meantime, adding Genki ones (vocab and example sentences for grammar) as we go through the textbook.

    Also been watching various dramas, movies and such occasionally to try and keep my ear in.

    I found out recently that I can now basically read Yotsoba&! There's generally one or two speech bubbles per story I don't get, bot other than that I seem to be able to understand!
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  3. Prime

    Prime New Member

    Looking back on it, KM was absolutely the best possible setup for starting a new language. My studies started with KM and it was invaluable to have people to practice with and to hear what tools people use and what websites to go to for readings.

    Been busy with work and other hobbies but I picked up Seiichi and Michio's Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, along with the intermediate version. I work through it occasionally as well as my Genki I workbooks but I've just been keeping up on vocab with Memrise. Also started reading an article each day at work off of NHK Web Easy and want to get back into studying each night.
    The goal right now is to get back into conversion and reading practice then make it through Yotsuba. Long-term goal is to keep going and hopefully read Shinichi Hoshi's work.
  4. Dat_Yoshi

    Dat_Yoshi New Member

    Currently working on Kanji town and my je-jp deck

    The thing that helped me most was help on my accent. I remember struggling with the ru, re, ri, ro sounds
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  5. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Awesome to hear from you all! That's great that you've found the time to keep on with your studies and take it to the next level.

    I'm sure there are a lot of people on here that are in the same situation as you guys: finished the course, doing new stuff, looking for like minded people to work with... so don't forget to look for conversation partners, start events, do informal manga reads etc... I'd hate for KM to become (i know it pretty much already has) a ghost town. Just perk up, say what you are looking for, set a time and keep on with those studies.


    KM was an awesome learning community so don't forget to look for other members for inspiration and support on your language learning journey!
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  6. Tara

    Tara New Member

    I have been reading "Japanese the manga way" and "Japanese from zero" books, finding japanese classes through meetup, and misc apps. I am planning on making videos this summer and attending more Japanes classes.
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  7. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    Well... Currently, I'm just studying by myself, everyday learning 10~15 new words through Memrise, review learned ones. Posting a diary entry now and then in full Japanese (though I've been skipping too much lately), which thanks to @commander_kirika and @cheapsh0t I've been making big improvements on my writing. I might return to Kanji practice now that I feel a bit more comfortable with my vocabulary and grammar and I've been trying to figure out ways to improve my understanding capabilities, which need serious work.

    I'll also double what Prime said. KM was definitely a slingshot to learning Japanese.
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  8. NathanBoy

    NathanBoy New Member

    Anki. I talk with people on Lang-8 sporadically, and do some reading and listening every day. I'm trying to make writing a more regular habit. I practice speaking once a week with a woman who lives in Nagoya. Regular reading has helped me a lot, but I've got a long way to go. I would probably go faster if I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made opportunities to speak with people more often, but I'll get there. KM was a great time and had a really positive impact on my studies and in a lot of ways my life as well. I'm really glad I did it both for the learning opportunities it gave me and the people I met doing it.
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  9. neebong

    neebong New Member

    When i started with KM, i had high hopes on learning JP, but due to real life stuff (ie work) i couldn't immerse myself totally in it, and thats one of my big regrets. I met a lot of good, genuine people that had a passion of learning the language, and i wish id been able to not join in more, but to keep up! For me, ive been trying to master everything down to the Kana, and to remember it. Ive been back to Osaka since KM, couldn't have done it without the help i had, but i find (even since Sept) since i haven't used the speaking part.. im useless again.. Read ok (without a lot of Kanji), i can listen well (and kindof understand).. but im screwed when i have to speak, just flap..

    Flapping aside, i took a years subscription to japanesepod101 (since i got a decent deal). Its OK, but only doing one a day you end up forgetting what you have just learned....

    I might just be getting old, or im an idiot, or cant study, or whatever.. Im coming back in August to Osaka, love the country, the people, the food. And i'll just leave it there.. :)
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  10. luken

    luken Moderator Moderator

    My active study is almost non existent now which is sad. I think the main reason goes back to why I actually started in the first place, to have fun. KM provided activities such as lessons and lets plays which was fun which naturally kept my motivation high to learn so I could get more involved. I do enjoy writing kanji nower days though so I intend to finish RTK.

    However during my time in a more active KM era it inspired me to watch anime (with or without subs), read manga, follow jp twitter/youtube accounts, change the language of many apps to JP, play JP only games, listen to JP music, browse jp subreddits....etc...etc...

    So I may not be doing any active studying in terms of sitting down for a hour a night and practice, but i'm immersed enough into it that it would be hard for me not to come across it every 2 hours.

    And I've noticed an increase in my ability to understand the language and even reading to some extent. I guess since KM has become less active, my only thing really suffering is speaking. Still not sure if I should even be disappointed by that, i've never met a person naturally which can speak JP, and I only plan on going japan for a couple week to the point where becoming that good at speaking may not be needed.

    TL:DR #returnKMtoGLORY
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  11. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Thanks for the comments @luken. I realise that the strong point of KM was its focus on speaking and the community that encouraged each other to get better.

    Do you think such activities could be achieved without an active teacher role present?

    My interests in continuing with KM is to see if such a self-driven community can be created. However, I'm concerned that regardless of what materials or goals I give people, without a "teacher" in the room with them, players will be reluctant to just meet up and do things together.


    Do you think that a teacher is a necessity?
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  12. luken

    luken Moderator Moderator

    I think they was a time in the community when we did have activities without a teacher present which was both enjoyable and beneficial to language learning. The one piece manga reading on sundays, listening practice on tuesdays, the jp 11 building, song translation fridays etc. was all activities brought forward without a teacher.

    Let's plays just needs leaders rather than teachers, and in that sense more admins. e.g. if we wanted to do UHC MC, if you wasn't here, we couldn't do it (even though yuki stepped up occasionally big respect). Not because of your teaching, because you'd only be in one group anyway, but in terms of dividing the groups, setting the rules, and the actual MC admin powers to do it.

    That said in my opinion a reason all those die down is because a slow decline in participants. Both times this happens was the gaps between the actual teaching courses.

    I think people just see these as extra curricular activities, and without an active teaching course members will eventually decline. So with that in mind, i really don't know if it's possible without a teacher, i wish it could be though.
  13. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    You know, Luken, one (and the biggest imho) of the problems is that in order to do lets plays (or even any other big event), you need some sort of leader figure present. And pretty much only Cheap is it at the moment! Even when the lets plays were frequent and we had lots of people, whenever Cheap was absent, the lets plays wouldn't happen, even when you didn't need an admin on site.

    I'm down to return to all these activities, but unfortunately it depends on every one, not just a select few, you need every one as a whole to make up a thriving community.
  14. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Thanks for the kind words first of all @TriggerWolf, I certainly tried to lead as best I can.

    I guess, for me, one thing I can take away from this is that:

    My own expectations of what players wanted from a "teacher" character is not just a leader for activities, but someone that was more of an expert in the language to .... teach you.

    But, from what I have just read, my own expectations are actually incorrect, and instead you just need someone to say, "Right, come on you lot, let's play Spyfall in Japanese" (or other such remarks...).

    Yes, and this is what I (well, me and @kai_f) want to try and cultivate. A community that is actually supportive and runs without a central "leader" figure. Our current thinking is that if we provide the tools, hopefully the community will use them (give a man a fish vs teaching a man to fish and all that proverbial..... yeah).

    So, again, thanks for the comments and we'll see where we go from here.

    By all means, if you have something to say though, keep the comments coming. They are all fantastically insightful!
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  15. NathanBoy

    NathanBoy New Member

    Yeah I don't think you need teachers for everything, although I do think that you need them for actual teaching to a pretty large degree. Also as Luken points out, when there are no teachers about things have tended to die off. Having a good group of senpai's, though, to actually help with organization, people wrangling, and just instilling the general confidence that, yes, a thing will be happening at X time and it's worth making the effort to show up, would go a long way. People who have a good grasp of what's going on, have done it before, and can provide some help and guidance. imo
  16. luken

    luken Moderator Moderator

    yeah this is what i was trying to say, we need leaders not teachers.
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  17. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    That's pretty much what it takes for you to summon a group of people to come and do the let's play :D.

    This might be a weird analogy:
    At school, we had a few select teachers that were much closer to a friend than to a teacher, if you know what I mean, we literally looked forward to having class with that teacher.
    What happens here is pretty much the same but in regards to the let's plays and other activities that you come up with, you may be "wearing the teacher badge", but instead people see it as a "leader" instead.

    While I completely agree with that, I feel that the community is far too small to do that, KM still needs someone to keep stuff together until it grows, but alas, that's something that it takes time to change.

    It's like having a show without a host... there's no show! You're the host, boss. :D

    We've had situations where we tried to organize events without Cheap in them... ended up being gracefully cancelled because of the lack of interest from the remaining members. Two major events for 2015 were planned, a Valentines and a Christmas event. The later which Cheap left me and Micni in charge of organizing but we quickly found out that we couldn't bring everyone else together, even worse when you go back to the 2014 event that had so much success (At least in my point of view), even the new year event held in that year was great, it was a bit rushed setting up but still great.
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