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PropHunt [Turbo edition]

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by cheapsh0t, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Based on a suggestion by @TriggerWolf, I thought I'd make a thread to talk about what kind of arena we should make for a big New Year Party.

    My own idea for the arena would be a a "mini minecraft" similar to this:
    Maybe the end on one quarter, the nether, a town and finally a forest or something.

    What do you think?

    If you'd like to get involved with the building, please let me know.
    TriggerWolf likes this.
  2. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    That sounds really good, there's lots of variety. You have my thumbs up. :D

    Something like 「オランダ」 would also make an awesome arena, probably too big though.
  3. Crlsniper

    Crlsniper Member

    its probably a bit late to sign up, but id enjoy helping if i can.
    cheapsh0t likes this.
  4. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Hey @Crlsniper, thanks for getting in touch. The arena is actually finished ;D

    You can see it at /warp minigames!
  5. Crlsniper

    Crlsniper Member

    cool hope i get a change to join the party then. might be traveling,but if not i should be there

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