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[Oct 29, 2016] 日本語でLet's Play: Minecraft (vanilla) (voice.kotobaminers.org)

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Micni, Oct 28, 2016.

By Micni on Oct 28, 2016 at 4:20 PM
  1. Micni

    Micni Member

    Hello Everyone!


    Few days ago, I created a poll on Facebook to get events restarted again.
    Doing a Japanese Let's Play seemed to be a popular choice. Doesn't mean I've forgotten the others, if we have time perhaps we can all play a bit of Spleef at the end tomorrow.

    Also some shameless advertisement: CHRISTMAS SECRET SANTA EVENT, COME JOIN
    The cut off date is November 15th. Hope to see you join.

    Before I get into the details of the Let's Play I want to tell you my personal experience as a bilingual speaker and WHY Let's Play is such a fantastic way to build your Japanese skills.

    As some of you know, I'm half Japanese and throughout my entire life I've gone back and forth between Canada and Japan. When I was 15, the going back and fourth had to stop due to graduation requirements in Canada. At school I spoke English, with my friends I spoke English, when I went online I wrote in English. The only place I spoke Japanese was at home with my mother and every December I would go back to Japan for New Years and see my friends but as time went by it became more apparent that I was losing my Japanese.

    At 20, it became so bad that I could understand what my mother was saying to me but I struggled to respond and often mixed English and Japanese words to form a sentence (what a disaster!)

    Then I started working at a Japanese restaurant where it required me to communicate with my coworkers in Japanese. I never had full English conversations with my coworkers, if I didn't know a word I would ask them. Sometimes they asked me what English words meant as well.

    But this wasn't the first time such a thing happened. In Elementary school I went to Japan for a year, when I came back my teachers were considering putting me in ESL (but I had lived in Canada way too long for that.)

    The point is, if you don't use it, you forget. But just because you've forgotten doesn't mean it's the end and you should give up. It took me a few months to be able to speak Japanese fluently again. Even for beginners it helps a lot as well, just ask @Maarkun who picked up his Japanese very quickly by working at a Japanese company.

    You see it with some international students and expats as well. They go to a country, make friends from their own country and stay with those friends. A year later, they barely speak the language they came to learn. In Japan, I had a coworker from America who had lived in Japan for 17 years and could not speak Japanese. Why? Because he didn't speak Japanese. You have to throw yourself out there and get exposure to the language.

    The Let's Play is such a great opportunity to practice and use your Japanese, to interact with others who are learning as well. Learning a new language is such a challenge but it helps enrich your life and opens the door to new experiences.

    We'll be doing a survival vanilla let's play in Japanese.
    When: October 29th, 2016 21:00 JST Check here to see when for your local time.
    Where: Come on to Teamspeak @ voice.kotobaminers.org

    The event STARTS at 21:00, so be sure to come early.

    Some helpful terms for everyone:
    Disclaimer: I've forgotten some Japanese since moving to Europe so apologies if this is wrong.

    1. How do you say ~ in Japanese?
    (~ wa nihongo de nanto iimasuka?)

    2. Could you repeat that?
    (mou ichido itte moraemasuka?)

    3. Could you say that slowly?
    (Mou sukoshi yukkuri to itte moraemasennka)
    (yukkuri onegaishimasu)

    4. I found ~ (such as wood/coal/village etc)
    ~ mitsuketa!

    Someone might have better suggestions on how to say this.

    5. I'm lost, where the fuck is everyone?
    (mayotta. Minna doko?)

    @commander_kirika @cheapsh0t @TriggerWolf @luken (not sure who else to tag!)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016


Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Micni, Oct 28, 2016.

    1. TriggerWolf

      I lost it at "I'm lost, where the fuck is everyone?", "something" tells me the translation to Japanese was softened a lot lol :D

      Now on a more serious note, I am really looking forward to this.
    2. cheapsh0t
      Thanks for the エピック effort Micniちゃん。

      I'm very much looking forward to hearing a らぶりー♡ from you.
    3. luken
      Appreciate all the effort but I'm super busy with halloween prep Saturday. have fun !
      cheapsh0t likes this.
    4. cheapsh0t
      All good man! I had an epic day of it myself actually... I'm off to a Halloween BBQ party tomorrow.

      Have fun..!

      also: 仮装は何にする?
    5. luken


    6. cheapsh0t


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