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[Aug 16, 2015] 日本語でワンピースを読みましょう!Japanese Let's read ONE PIECE! (The Internet)

Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Maarkun, Oct 10, 2014.

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日本語でワンピースを読みましょう!Japanese Let's read ONE PIECE!
The Internet
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Posted By: Maarkun
Start Date: Aug 16, 2015
End Date: Aug 16, 2015
Time Zone: Asia/Tokyo +09:00 JST
  1. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    For 2 weeks now, we have been reading from the first book of ONE PIECE(Romance Dawn).

    The method is probably still going to be updated, but for now it stands as such:
    • Read in Japanese
    • Translate to English (directly to English, then what is being said, fianlly convey the meaning)
    • Japanese read with PASSION!!! (pronunciation and passion shall be judged by @Micni senpai)

    Where we will start reading this week is the following page:

    The reading will start with me, Maarkun reading the whole page to take the pressure off everyone. After that we shall continue with the regular members reading such as Teacher @Zerot, @luken, @TriggerWolf and more.

    ALSO! We have our lovely natives: @seetricks, @firm_metal, and Kiri(formerly known as Minelang05. and last be not least the servers hafu (half japanese): @Micni.

    Anyone is welcome to join (though, if you cant read hiragana and katakana, you won't be able to read anything).

    二週間前から、私たちはワンピース「ロマンス ドーン」を読み始めました。

    • 日本語で読む
    • 英語に訳す
    • もう一回日本語で読む「情熱で!そうしたらミクニー先輩は審査する」





    誰も参加すればいいけれど、英語全然分からない人は大変ですね。 それはそうけど、訳すは難しいかも知らない、みんなが手伝いますよ!
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2014
    Micni, firm_metal, cheapsh0t and 3 others like this.
  2. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    I think this really sets us apart from other Manga reading circles.

    Would it not be a good idea to do this as a Google Hangout? It would make it easier on two levels:
    1. To keep everyone on the same page
    2. To get a recording of the session for people to review the session.
  3. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    that is a good idea cheap, i can just download the images and put them in there that way, i will set if up tomorrow before the reading begins and post the link on here :)
  4. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    the read is again with passion is i think a good way to show that you actually understand whats going on,
    in dutch we say "begrijpend lezen" which basically means 読みながら理解する, and it shows to everyone, ahh he gets it!
  5. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    It was really fun! @Maarkun ... where did you go?! You dropped off half way through, and we didn't get to see your 「パッション」 at work! And I was really looking forward to it :D
    cheapsh0t likes this.
  6. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    yeah internet died, it sucked!
  7. TriggerWolf

    TriggerWolf Moderator Moderator

    Eheh... Yeah, I know dat feel... You got to redeem yourself on the next reading though. :D
  8. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    it would i will most likely be late, dat 2pm time wwww, しょうがねえか 笑、 多分10時から参加出来るんだけど
  9. Dat_Yoshi

    Dat_Yoshi New Member

    Is it encouraged to come if you don't know much Kanji? I can read kana, but as far as Kanji readings Im not very good yet :/
  10. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator

    Sure, please go along! There is ふりがな next to all of the words in the book, so if you can't read kanji, its no problem.

    However, this class is considered an extension of an intermediate class that I used to teach, so if you are a real beginner, it is better to go to these manga sessions to listen in, learn and improve your vocab/grammar knowledge. In other words: let the intermediate students do the reading while you do the learning ;)
  11. Maarkun

    Maarkun Member

    All kanji have furigana, but if the grammar is a bit steep for you, listening in is still recommended

    also, we will do the role play acting this week, so we need onomatopoeia actors ;)
    cheapsh0t likes this.
  12. Michael Cugley

    Michael Cugley New Member

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