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Advert Slogan Design Competition

Discussion in 'News' started by cheapsh0t, Oct 1, 2014.

By cheapsh0t on Oct 1, 2014 at 1:46 PM
  1. cheapsh0t

    cheapsh0t 日本語の先生 Teacher Administrator


    @Anticdope is currently designing us some advertisements to put around the internet and hopefully attract new players. Here is an early mock-up:

    We are looking for something nice and catchy like the "Play. Learn. Repeat." message to show off what we are all about.

    • If you are taking the Japanese course with us, you can get a free month of classes
    • If you are not taking the Japanese course, cheapshot will personally send you a care package of random sweets from Japan!
    • If you live in Japan, Cheapshot will personally come and meet you for a beer / coffee / day of fun ;)
    • If you don't want any of these things, let me know what you'd like!
    Deadline: End of this month
    Questions? Ask below!
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Discussion in 'News' started by cheapsh0t, Oct 1, 2014.

    1. Waespym
      If we win and are already taking the class, can we opt for the care package instead of the free month?

      Also, do the advertisements have to be animated?
    2. luken
      If I win, i'll take a nice cold beer next time you're in UK.
    3. Nayelianne
      Edit: Wait.. reading it again I'm a little confused. xD Are you just looking for a slogan or the cool message + Ad package?

      If it's the latter, do you have a particular format for the ads in mind? Should it be the same format as the example or any of the other most popular sizes (quoted below) are fine?

      Guide guide to Ad Sizes for reference)

      Should we emphasize Japanese or keep it more vague? (eg. Learn languages instead of learn japanese)
      Last edited: Oct 2, 2014
    4. cheapsh0t
      @luken that is freaking amazing.....!!!!!

      As @Nayelianne said above, I was just looking for a catchy slogan, but what you've made is just amazing. I'll send you a care package regardless mate :)

    5. cheapsh0t
    6. Nayelianne
      Ooh, templates, handy.
      I'll see if I can come up with something for the banner formats that Antic and luken didn't do yet.. no promises though. Hard to compete with those! ;w;
    7. Anticdope
      @Waespym IDK about the classes thing but, no, it doesn't have to be animated.
    8. Nayelianne
      @cheapsh0t Realized I forgot an important question regarding file sizes... are the file sizes on the template site to be followed as well? @[email protected] They seem really small. Even Antic's mockup is like 3MB, which is a rather high jump from the 150kb max stated there (which would be expected as a higher image quality/animated ad)

      For a catchy phrase, I suppose something like this would be too big?

      Build up your Japanese
      Build a new world.
      Kotoba Miners
      Learning the fun way.
      here's another, albeit a bit lengthy as well:

      Kotoba Miners - Building blocks to Japanese learning

      Last edited: Oct 2, 2014
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    9. Maas
      Some I just thought up:
      • "Combine your favourite language with your favourite game"
      • "Minecraft and Japanese, what more do you want!?"
      • "Japanese learning RPG, become the next Japanese master!"
      • "Beware the Maarkun"
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    10. Nayelianne
      I think we have a winner here.
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    11. FunnyBunnyofDOOM
      I'm new here, but I would say Luken's is nice. I just started today, and I feel like I am more likely to ignore a catchy phrase than something that tells me that this is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Luken's has all of the information I want packed into an aesthetically pleasing package.
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    12. Nayelianne
      I agree with @FunnyBunnyofDOOM. The fact that @luken highlights some of the server's strong suits (community, events, etc) really does make it more attractive for people to join. Of course, if you can fit in a catchy phrase in the middle of it all without it turning into an information clutter, it's even better. Which I believe is what he did with the "Learn japanese through experience" bit.
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    13. FunnyBunnyofDOOM
      Yes, that is definitely not a "catchy slogan" but it's a slogan that would make me join. Rosetta stone doesn't offer japanese through experience, but in minecraft, you are living in the world.

      Perhaps a slogan could include "total immersion", which is what many people want with a language learning program.

      Also, emphasize the "RPG" element of the game;

      Who learns japanese?
      Gamers, anime fanatics, aspiring chefs. Chances are that these are people who are into games, and into RPGs. I started to learn so that I could play Gundam games that would never come to America. I was actually suprised that I saw nothing about Kotoba miners being an RPG until I actually logged into the game. This is something you can AND should capitalize on. You have a product that everybody wants. Why hide it?

      I am poor at writing slogans, but you should also throw in tags that will bait potential students. JPLT, Language exchange, Japanese immersion are just a few examples.

      I'm sorry, I'm probably not being very helpful, but I tried. :)
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