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Originally posted on the blog

is used to quote something that someone said. There are a lot of contractions though when speaking as seen in this one panel of よつばと!. Let’s have a look!

Jumbo: That one was under, right? Under the string, I said!!

Dad: I said it was over…! Where are you...
Putting a な after a plain form verb means “don’t [email protected]#king do verb”

  • 食べるな
  • 行くな
  • しゃべるな


Coming from ~てはいけません to mean “you musn’t verb" we can contract the ては into ちゃ (for the case of では, it becomes じゃ) and then replace いけません with the more simple ダメ! to make a more casual version.
  • 食べちゃダメだ! You mustn’t eat it!
  • 行っちゃダメ! You mustn’t go! (Please stay!)
  • しゃべっちゃダメだよ! You musn’t speak! (Shut up!)

Why not try and...
Just a quick post to say that the servers are now running on 1.8~

Please update your clients!

Thanks to @Thasan for his tireless dedication in keeping KM running smoothly. <3

A より B () ほうが C です。
Compared to A, B is C.
As luken was saying to me the other day, it is inspiring to see the progress of Japanese learners video blogs over time, and I think it would be a great idea to show your own progress in Japanese by uploading a 30 minute clip each week!

I personally will be doing Starbound, and invite you guys to join me on my server from time to time.

There is a Kotoba Miners YouTube channel now, and I'd love...