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Kotoba Miners

learn Japanese block by block!

I wrote a littla about what we are planning for the future with KM.

Any comments are welcome!!

original post here.

Future of Kotoba Miners
Let’s start out with a paragraph about how amazing Kai is.
Kai is a fantastically deep thinker and has a great intellect, so it was a real pleasure to be working with someone of that intellect. His passion for knowledge and his dedication to...
Genuinely curious to know how the ol' JP course helped you guys with your studies. Also keen to know what you are up to now..!

@Cheap's big list of players
We all like getting presents right? Well, due to the popularity of last years event, we are holding another Secret Santa this year, too.

Sign up can be found here: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/15744060/749752/

The deadline for signing up is November 14th.

  1. Limit gift price to $20
  2. Heavy items cost a fortune to ship, so please consider this when buying a gift.

  1. ギフトは2000円までにしましょう
  2. 重い物の運送料はとんでもなく高くなるから、気をつけてください!...
Heeeeeeello all.

I've been working on a new minigame based on the card game "Once Upon A Time."

Read up on the rules here and watch this episode of Tabletop to see it in action!

I plan on playing this at the LP session on Saturday, so come along. I will help you form sentences and together we'll make a Fairy Tale(TM).

Spawn point...
fxkill asked me how to buy ebooks off amazon.co.jp, and my answer was a little unclear so I thought I would elaborate. I did all of the following, although it is possible that some steps are unnecessary I don't know which can be safely excluded:
  1. Make an account on http://www.amazon.co.jp/. Your regular email address is fine, even if you have a US amazon account registered to it. Rikaisama/Rikaichan can help you get through this, and there is actually an option that...
Hello all,

I'm really proud to announce a new comedy series that me and @Chokkan have started. It's ingeniously titled "Cheap & Chokkan" and we will be doing small (~5minutes) skits in Japanese.

The first is called Clinic Crisis and sees Chokkan go to the clinic with a rather interesting (and unique to Minecraft) problem. This episode has the wonderful @mikipink join us too! Take a look below.

Any questions regarding...
@Cheap's big list of players

So, as you may know, right now for the 日本語でLet's Play活動、 we are playing the aweeeeesome game "2 Rooms and a Boom" and we will be for the foreseeable future. BUT... it's time to start thinking about what to do afterwards. So this is a thread to get the ball rolling. よろしくね

@Chokkan 様のsuggestionで、

次は Minecraft UHC (with command blocks!!)でどうでしょうか。

Sound like something...

Originally posted on the blog

is used to quote something that someone said. There are a lot of contractions though when speaking as seen in this one panel of よつばと!. Let’s have a look!

Jumbo: That one was under, right? Under the string, I said!!

Dad: I said it was over…! Where are you...
Putting a な after a plain form verb means “don’t f@#king do verb”

  • 食べるな
  • 行くな
  • しゃべるな


Coming from ~てはいけません to mean “you musn’t verb" we can contract the ては into ちゃ (for the case of では, it becomes じゃ) and then replace いけません with the more simple ダメ! to make a more casual version.
  • 食べちゃダメだ! You mustn’t eat it!
  • 行っちゃダメ! You mustn’t go! (Please stay!)
  • しゃべっちゃダメだよ! You musn’t speak! (Shut up!)

Why not try and...